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Top Dog Care


• Current on Vaccines (Veterinarian Vaccine Certification)

• At least 3 months old (& with 2nd set of Vaccines for puppies) 
Spayed or neutered if 1 year or older 
Pets must be in good health (Veterinarian Verified)
Socially Acceptable (Verified through the Interview process)
• Negative fecal test within the past 6 months
• Monthly flea and tick preventative medication

Vaccine Certification
•  Rabies
•  Distemper Combo Vaccine 
•  Bordetella 
*We Do Accept the Titer Test Results.
*For the Safety of all dogs, vaccinations CANNOT be within 10 days of your pets stay.
*Always speak with your vet for best vaccines that need to be given to your dog in a social environment.