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Concierge Services

Sometimes its hard to leave your best friend when your jetting off to a fabulous vacation.

We get that so we have this offer. All the extra personal pampering a pup could desire.

K9 Cab - Starting at $15

Our staff will transport your dog to/from a destination of your choice. K9 Cab is available at $1/mile, with a $15 minimum.

Paw-ty with style - $26

Nails Trimmed, Filed & Painted, followed by a Paw Massage!

Paw-dicure - $20-$40

Paw Soak, in de-funking foot bomb, next a bacterial scrub, a essential oil infused grape seed oil massage, sealed with a paw defense wax!

Movie Night - $26

One on One Movie & Cuddle for an epic 1 hour dog movie!!

Pictures - $16

5 Pictures sent via text sent directly to your phone.

Sleepover - $206

Your pooch will get to sleep with one of their favorite bonus humans all night in a Penthouse Suite.

30 Minute One to Ones

Tuck In Service - $21

Story, Cuddle & Special Treat.

Walk-a-Bout $21

walk through the 2 acres of woods & trails at The K9 Spot.

TV Time - $21

Tv Show & Cuddle. We'll watch some Good Ol' WishBone!!

Play Pack - $21

Fetch, tug or games.

Don't forget to check out Bathing!

Check/Cash Pricing, Credit Card Fees Apply

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